’87 Monte Carlo SS Project Grown

By Rob May 19, 2020

#FullMonte It may have taken Dan 16 years, 2 Montes and 1 accident but the insane build is in full force. Taking it down to the frame – just to build it right back up. Welcome to the full Monte build, A.K.A Project Grown. The car has been stripped, the motor preped and parts are arriving […]

Into the Future of Unknown

By Rob April 24, 2020

Unknown, unprecedented, unchartered are words we use to describe the present. And because of that we do not have an understanding of the future. How will that look? When will it look like the past? These are all questions we have. Now we are asking the question – how will the future look in terms […]

Self Isolate – With Your Ride

By Rob March 29, 2020

This Covid-19 situation has taken the world by storm. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy. As everyone does their part to social distance themselves we think that being with your ride is one of the best things to do to get your mind focused on positive things. What better way to self isolate then […]

2021 Ski-Doo Doubles Down w/ rMotion X & RAS X

By Rob February 14, 2020

Wow. Just as you thought the snowmobile industry can’t get more innovated, Ski-Doo has stepped it up again for the 2021 model line up. We already heard about the 2021 Summit 850 turbo, now let’s look at the game changer. The brand new rMotion X and RAS X. In some people’s opinion the rMotion rear […]

Rallye Perce-Neige 2020

By Rob February 2, 2020

2020 Rallye Perce-Neige. Maniwaki, Quebec. By Richard Racine Saturday February 1 was the first round of the Canadian Rally Championship. Held in the city of Maniwaki, Quebec. 28 teams took the starting line but only a few were the lucky ones. Overall podium 1st place – Karel Carre and Hubert Gaydreau 2nd place – Maxime […]

Meet the Contenders for 2020 Pickup Truck of the Year

By Rob January 2, 2020

It’s that time of year again: time to crown our 2020 Pickup Truck of the Year. The journey that embarks on the following pages is the culmination of hundreds of hours of hard work that encompasses several months. The days spent testing are long and nights often seem longer. We are up before sunrise and […]

Hitting The Touge In Spoon’s Type R Killer

By Rob December 31, 2019

Can a tuned, base model new Civic be as fun – and as fast – as a Type R? That’s the question Spoon wants us to ask ourselves about the FK7 Civic. Undoubtedly, the new FK8 Civic Type R has been a huge success; since launching in 2017 demand has been strong for the high-power hatch, and […]

Old School Imports Hawaii: Everything You Need

By Rob December 22, 2019

Hawaii is not a place I associate with old school JDM cars, or really anything other than lifted 4x4s and dorky dads in convertible rentals that obviously come with any tourist territory. However, after being in Oahu just a few days, it became clear that these islands have everything you need, car culture included. Trevor and I […]

2017 Ford F450- The Alpha Dually

By Rob December 14, 2019

And Then There Was ONE Phil Gordon – Dec 13, 2019 When the name of your vehicle starts with the word “Alpha”, you better have something unique that helps creates a trend or at least something better than most. Josh Burnett succeeded with his 2017 Ford F-450 Platinum dually in both of those categories. Josh […]

Crazy Style – How to become a rally driver.

By Rob December 8, 2019

So you want to rally race? You have the need for speed and excitement, where do you begin? There are tons of local rally clubs that you can join with your street vehicle to learn the ins and outs of rally. They will be there to guide you through all the challenges. Another great way […]