Into the Future of Unknown

Unknown, unprecedented, unchartered are words we use to describe the present. And because of that we do not have an understanding of the future. How will that look? When will it look like the past? These are all questions we have. Now we are asking the question – how will the future look in terms of our ride?

Covid-19 has probably brought us closer to our ride. More time to spend maintaining, cleaning and updating them. In curtain situations, it has giving us more time to enjoy riding them. But I’m asking myself how will the future look?

Of course the health and safety of everyone is the most important thing. But things will be back and better than before. In the meantime we ask, how will this affect the innovation and progression of the toys we love to enjoy?

Some of big manufacturers, like Polaris and Honda, have already announced temporary manufacturing plant closures. BRP, the makers of Can Am and SkiDoo, has already cut down on staff. They all know it’s coming, if not here already. A big economic slow down. They have all announce that if you have purchased a new machine you have no need to worry, they are still being built to your standards.

The concern is that this slow down will no doubt hit their bottom line and how will that translate to new products and design? We have seen tremendous steps taken in the snowmobile industry. Turbo powered 2 strokes, new R Motion X suspension are a couple things new to the market. The SXS (side by side) market has jumped up as well all the new big powered, mud digging ATVs. On those we see massive improvements in suspension and handling as power steering and electronic throttle seems like the new norm.

In the automotive industry we now see turbo powered sports cars, and resigned classics on showroom floors. Something that went missing in the early 2000’s. Will the focus drift away from all the fun?

Well this is all temporary. The future will be bright again! We all might not be jumping up to purchase a new 2021 machine, but there are many positives from this experience. We are learning to enjoy what we have, and more importantly, we are learning to have fun with what we have. In terms of innovation we all know these engineers and R&D teams cannot sit still. Their minds are actively thinking and they are all just expanding their abilities. We might not see these results in 2021, or 2022 for that matter, but these concepts that can only be dreamt during unusual times will come to light eventually. When the time is right they will explode into the market and we won’t know what hit us! The time will come.

Stay safe and healthy.

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