Most Reliable ATVs

When deciding which brand to purchase reliability has to come to mind. The problem is that everyone has an opinion and the more you read the more you might get confused on what you really want to buy. Well here is another opinion – my opinion. I hope it doesn’t confuse you!

Rob’s reliability rules:

  1. Whatever you buy take care of it! Maintain it – don’t go overboard like some people. Change the oil depending on your usage. I don’t change it every year in all my machines. Think about it – oil has a long life, so do oil filters. If I only drive 500km a season does it really need an oil change? Probably not. Did I drive it 500km but drove it in deep water – then maybe yes. Use some common sense and visual observations to determine oil changes (engine, gear box, diff. etc..).
  2. Drive it right! Don’t ram though everything – you know what the outcome will be. Even if you own the “most reliable” ATV.
  3. Buy what you like. Don’t let keyboard warriors steer you away from what you really want. Well that is sort of true. Here is my BUT – if you like an “off brand” or a “big power” machine make sure you do a little research. More power = more problems. Off brand = uncertain dealer and parts support. I usually stay away from first year models (new design/new engine etc..) but if there is something spectator I wouldn’t hesitate to be a guinea pig – all problems can be solved.

I know my opinions are not rocket science and mind blowing. My point is don’t be scared and just take care of your stuff. Here is a cool link that I found online, from Dirt ObseXXIon.

Enjoy your Ride!

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Good tips!
2 years ago