OneRide – The Beginning

Although the new hit the net in 2019, it is by no means a freshman. The first went live in 2004, 15 years ago! Some things have changed but the site is still driven by passion. A passion for cruising the roads, dirt, water and snow. A passion for motors, wheels, tracks and gears. A passion for the ride, OneRide.

It all began with my Toyota Supra. Heavy modified and cared for. And most importantly, heavily enjoyed! I washed it every time it got slightly dirty. I took a photo every time it looked different. I drove it to car shows, drag events and coffee shops. I loved it and still do! A lot was done to the body, interior and engine. Things that made people hover and gather at shows. Magazines to feature. And for sponsors to ask me to use their products. It truly got a work out. Please read The 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo to see what I am talking about.

So how does this 1994 Toyota Supra mark the beginning of Good question? Well as you can see most of these milestones happened in the early 2000s. Times have really changed. This was all before social media exploded, and I wonder how things would have been today if I did the same with the brand new 2020 Toyota Supra. Back in the day people were always asking me for pictures and had questions about my modifications. I thought it would be great if I can direct them to a website to show everything about this Supra. So that’s what I did.

I turned to Knock Design to create – the original. Social media for your ride. A place to display pictures and stories about your ride. A place to share your ride and search for others. Sounds familiar? Yes of course. This was all before the big boom of Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Instagram and so on. The site was by no means Facebook. Although I guess I could say that I had a Facebook type idea before – well I guess before I knew about it. I’m sure Mark would say other wise and I would have to rewatch the movie to get my dates straight. It wasn’t as user friendly like Facebook, in terms of users creating their own profile. They had to fill out a form and email it to me, along with photos. I had to copy and paste into their profiles. Yes, nothing fancy!

This original site had great designs and functions, and was useful for the many members. But really, who can compete with those social media giants. The site just couldn’t survive and was put on hiatus. Just sitting there, waiting. I knew I didn’t want to part with the domain name and I had the passion to get it going again. It was just sitting there, waiting for the right time! And as you sit there reading this on the new you certainly know that the time has come!

OneRide is the now and the future! Here to join people together to share their passions. Please read OneRide – Now to the Future to see what is in store for you!

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