Most Reliable ATVs

When deciding which brand to purchase reliability has to come to mind. The problem is that everyone has an opinion and the more you read the more you might get confused on what you really want to buy. Well here is another opinion – my opinion. I hope it doesn’t confuse you!

Rob’s reliability rules:

  1. Whatever you buy take care of it! Maintain it – don’t go overboard like some people. Change the oil depending on your usage. I don’t change it every year in all my machines. Think about it – oil has a long life, so do oil filters. If I only drive 500km a season does it really need an oil change? Probably not. Did I drive it 500km but drove it in deep water – then maybe yes. Use some common sense and visual observations to determine oil changes (engine, gear box, diff. etc..).
  2. Drive it right! Don’t ram though everything – you know what the outcome will be. Even if you own the “most reliable” ATV.
  3. Buy what you like. Don’t let keyboard warriors steer you away from what you really want. Well that is sort of true. Here is my BUT – if you like an “off brand” or a “big power” machine make sure you do a little research. More power = more problems. Off brand = uncertain dealer and parts support. I usually stay away from first year models (new design/new engine etc..) but if there is something spectator I wouldn’t hesitate to be a guinea pig – all problems can be solved.

I know my opinions are not rocket science and mind blowing. My point is don’t be scared and just take care of your stuff. Here is a cool link that I found online, from Dirt ObseXXIon.

Enjoy your Ride!

The Cat is Back

Arctic Cat is back. This couldn’t have made Cat enthusiasts happier.

As you have probably heard by now, Arctic Cat and BRP have came to an agreement and Arctic Cat can again sell their snowmobiles in Canada. BRP filed a lawsuit claiming patent infringement on their pyramidal chassis design. The ruling favoured BRP and Arctic Cat was forced to stop selling their snowmobiles in Canada.

Visiting some Arctic Cat dealers was a sad scene as showroom floors were virtually empty. Some dealers even talked to Yamaha to get their sleds in for the new season. People were wondering if this was the end of Arctic Cat. The big news years ago was that Arctic Cat went to pre orders only. Some thought this was to clear inventory so they can introduce their newest models. People who thought that were disappointed.

Arctic Cat is backed by some big money in Textron Inc. It would take something dramatic to shut down the cat.

In the end, BRP and Arctic Cat came to some sort of agreement and Arctic Cat is again allowed to sell their machines in Canada. Great news! We don’t know what BRP got in return. Some rumours say it might be the mono rail used in Arctic Cat’s Alpha One mountain sleds. Only time will tell.

Textron and Arctic Cat have gone through some growing pains during the 5 years since Textron took over. Hopefully all that is behind them and we can turn the page and see some new innovative models that Arctic Cat has been known for.

Baywatch: SEMA Edition

If there’s anything I’ve learned from SEMA this year, it’s that the best place to enjoy the event is from the comfort of my own home, some 5,000 miles away.

Okay, maybe I’m a little bit jealous of our own Team Brexit enjoying the Nevada sunshine, the neon lights and the general positive vibes of Sin City, but I don’t envy the mammoth effort required just to get around the show while trying to identify the cars which need to be captured and shared.

Factor in a healthy dose of jet lag, and the rain outside my window doesn’t feel so bad after all.

I do think the best way to document SEMA is to cast as large a net as possible. It’s pointless to become fixated on one or two builds at the expense of the rest, as there’s nearly always something just as, or even more exciting around the corner. SEMA rewards graft.

Mark must be of the same opinion, as this gallery of engine bays from the Las Vegas Convention Center covers pretty much every major engine layout you can think of: vees, inlines, flat-fours, turbocharged, supercharged, naturally aspirated and even spinning triangles.

By presenting such a wide variety of applications, it also allows us to gauge what you’re most interested in, so we can chase them up at a later date. I’ve definitely spent longer looking through these photographs than writing the short pieces of copy which accompany this gallery (quelle surprise I hear you say), but there’s definitely more than one in here that I want to know much, much more about.

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