Into the Future of Unknown

Unknown, unprecedented, unchartered are words we use to describe the present. And because of that we do not have an understanding of the future. How will that look? When will it look like the past? These are all questions we have. Now we are asking the question – how will the future look in terms of our ride?

Covid-19 has probably brought us closer to our ride. More time to spend maintaining, cleaning and updating them. In curtain situations, it has giving us more time to enjoy riding them. But I’m asking myself how will the future look?

Of course the health and safety of everyone is the most important thing. But things will be back and better than before. In the meantime we ask, how will this affect the innovation and progression of the toys we love to enjoy?

Some of big manufacturers, like Polaris and Honda, have already announced temporary manufacturing plant closures. BRP, the makers of Can Am and SkiDoo, has already cut down on staff. They all know it’s coming, if not here already. A big economic slow down. They have all announce that if you have purchased a new machine you have no need to worry, they are still being built to your standards.

The concern is that this slow down will no doubt hit their bottom line and how will that translate to new products and design? We have seen tremendous steps taken in the snowmobile industry. Turbo powered 2 strokes, new R Motion X suspension are a couple things new to the market. The SXS (side by side) market has jumped up as well all the new big powered, mud digging ATVs. On those we see massive improvements in suspension and handling as power steering and electronic throttle seems like the new norm.

In the automotive industry we now see turbo powered sports cars, and resigned classics on showroom floors. Something that went missing in the early 2000’s. Will the focus drift away from all the fun?

Well this is all temporary. The future will be bright again! We all might not be jumping up to purchase a new 2021 machine, but there are many positives from this experience. We are learning to enjoy what we have, and more importantly, we are learning to have fun with what we have. In terms of innovation we all know these engineers and R&D teams cannot sit still. Their minds are actively thinking and they are all just expanding their abilities. We might not see these results in 2021, or 2022 for that matter, but these concepts that can only be dreamt during unusual times will come to light eventually. When the time is right they will explode into the market and we won’t know what hit us! The time will come.

Stay safe and healthy.

Self Isolate – With Your Ride

This Covid-19 situation has taken the world by storm. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy. As everyone does their part to social distance themselves we think that being with your ride is one of the best things to do to get your mind focused on positive things.

What better way to self isolate then to take your ride out into into the forest. Just you, your machine and nature! I had a big to do-list to complete, some preventative maintenance on my machine. Lucky I had most of the parts and oils already in my garage. I did need one thing and the local dealership was more then happy to leave the parts in their mailbox. All my “nice to do” things have been completed and I’m ready for the upcoming season! Along with this I did find some things that need attention… some ripped boots. Nothing major but I am glad I found it now, before it becomes a problem!


I hope your ride can help you get through this weird time. If it’s maintaining it, modifying it or cleaning it, I hope you find your happiness.


Enjoy the ride!

OneRide – Now to the Future

Here we go again, A place to explore cars, trucks, bikes, hot rods, boats, ATV’s, snowmobiles and more. A place to share, learn, brag, and discuss our rides. If you are an enthusiast and have a passion for your ride then you most likely have intense dedication towards buying, maintaining, and customizing your ride. As well as the obvious dedication towards riding, exploring, socializing and having fun! And you would definitely understand the need for OneRide. A place to be when you can’t be with your ride. A community of dedicated enthusiasts that love the ride!

The goal of OneRide is to be an all-in-one site dedicated to toys with motors. Social media for your ride. Create a profile page like no other… one dedicated to your ride. As the site grows so will its features. The goal would be to have an encyclopedia of modified custom rides, model reviews, product reviews, race builds, trail builds, ride details, event details, service manuals, tech. tips, success videos, fail videos, cool photos and whatever you feel like sharing about your ride.

Your profile page becomes a digital journal for your ride. Create a space where you can show friends, family, sponsors and yourself all the photos and videos of your ride. Your page will become a place to store all your favourite memories, an easy access point to view your rides. I mean we all know how profile pages work, just this one won’t have -fill in the blank- your crazy aunt’s annoying comments and complaints!

Groups are self explanatory. But groups in this setting might become the new age forum board. An advance way to discuss about specific topics. Take advantage of the secret groups where you could even create a secret group only for you. A place to store all your maintain records, for example, so you will always know when it will be time for an oil change.

The news section will be laced with interesting articles that relate to our rides; industry news, event coverage, featured vehicles and more. There you would find unique articles to OneRide as well as shared stories from around the web. We always welcome your input and submissions. Send your stories, photos, videos or features to

Thank you for exploring OneRide and for being part of the best vehicle enthusiast community! Keep on driving and riding. Enjoy the ride!

OneRide – The Beginning

Although the new hit the net in 2019, it is by no means a freshman. The first went live in 2004, 15 years ago! Some things have changed but the site is still driven by passion. A passion for cruising the roads, dirt, water and snow. A passion for motors, wheels, tracks and gears. A passion for the ride, OneRide.

It all began with my Toyota Supra. Heavy modified and cared for. And most importantly, heavily enjoyed! I washed it every time it got slightly dirty. I took a photo every time it looked different. I drove it to car shows, drag events and coffee shops. I loved it and still do! A lot was done to the body, interior and engine. Things that made people hover and gather at shows. Magazines to feature. And for sponsors to ask me to use their products. It truly got a work out. Please read The 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo to see what I am talking about.

So how does this 1994 Toyota Supra mark the beginning of Good question? Well as you can see most of these milestones happened in the early 2000s. Times have really changed. This was all before social media exploded, and I wonder how things would have been today if I did the same with the brand new 2020 Toyota Supra. Back in the day people were always asking me for pictures and had questions about my modifications. I thought it would be great if I can direct them to a website to show everything about this Supra. So that’s what I did.

I turned to Knock Design to create – the original. Social media for your ride. A place to display pictures and stories about your ride. A place to share your ride and search for others. Sounds familiar? Yes of course. This was all before the big boom of Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Instagram and so on. The site was by no means Facebook. Although I guess I could say that I had a Facebook type idea before – well I guess before I knew about it. I’m sure Mark would say other wise and I would have to rewatch the movie to get my dates straight. It wasn’t as user friendly like Facebook, in terms of users creating their own profile. They had to fill out a form and email it to me, along with photos. I had to copy and paste into their profiles. Yes, nothing fancy!

This original site had great designs and functions, and was useful for the many members. But really, who can compete with those social media giants. The site just couldn’t survive and was put on hiatus. Just sitting there, waiting. I knew I didn’t want to part with the domain name and I had the passion to get it going again. It was just sitting there, waiting for the right time! And as you sit there reading this on the new you certainly know that the time has come!

OneRide is the now and the future! Here to join people together to share their passions. Please read OneRide – Now to the Future to see what is in store for you!