Electric Harley-Davidson WTF!

We have all heard someone mention that this is the beginning of the end for gas powered vehicles. We have witnessed the growth of Tesla and we have seen nearly all manufactures feature electric or hybrid vehicles at major car shows. I have even seen an electric ATV, but I would have never guessed that a Harley would come in an electric form. Can you imagine the guys from SAMCRO cruising around on silent electric bikes! Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised if Harley comes out with another line up, they did produce snowmobiles back in the day! See what MPN has to say about electric powered Harley-Davidsons…


The Motorcycle Arts Foundation (MAF) and Harley-Davidson announced the opening of Electric Revolution, the world’s first museum exhibition exclusively featuring electric motorcycles. This exhibit, which is supported by Harley-Davidson, will open at the Richard Varner Family Gallery at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA, on April 6, 2019. Curated by MAF co-founder Paul d’Orléans, the exhibit will explore the history and current state of the electric motorcycle and e-bike industry with 21 examples of two-wheeled electric vehicles from both custom builders and established manufacturers.

Zero-emission vehicles have become a prominent part of the transportation landscape, and electric motorcycles and e-bikes are one of the fastest growing sectors in this quickly evolving market. The exhibit assembles a dynamic mix of production, racing, prototype and custom electric motorcycles from world renowned manufacturers and builders in the EV space including Harley-Davidson, CAKE, Specialized Bicycle Components, Roland Sands Design, Curtiss Motorcycles, Alta Motors, Joey Ruiter and Noel Connolly.

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